Tuesday, April 25, 2006

They're Here!!!

The anticipation!!!

What Joy!!!


Anonymous said...

I especially love this last photo of the ferns. They really are a treat if you ever find them in your market. They're only available (fresh) for a short time, so if you see some, grab them. They are best cooked simply, sauteed in a little olive oil or butter with salt and pepper. Don't over cook them or they will lose their fresh spring flavor. Yum!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Chris will correct me if I'm wrong, but ramps are baby leeks. Now I know you've seek leeks in the grocery store. They are often about the diameter of a quarter or a little bigger. They have a great onion flavor without the bite, and if you cut them length-wise you can grill them. They're also good cut into rounds and roasted with small potatoes. But ramps are even better -- all of the flavor with less of the fibrous texture that can make leeks difficult to cut when cooked (especially if not cooked appropriately). Check out the next blog for a great way to cook ramps simply and still enjoy huge flavor!