Thursday, April 20, 2006

Les Heretiques Vin de Pays de l'Herault 2004

We have been shopping for a new home in the neighborhood and last night we reached an agreement to buy a lovely gray brick building on an extrawide lot right next to the park. We're very excited. Of course, this means we'll be pretty poor for a while, so it was only appropriate that we celebrated with a $7 bottle of wine.

This wine comes from the VdP de l'Herault region of the Languedoc in southern France (the same place as the more famous Mas de Daumas Gassac). Presumably, it is some blend of caringan, grenache, syrah, and possibly cinsault, mourvedre, and countless other varietals. Medium-bodied, dry, and earthy, it is a great example of my argument that the best value wines actually come from France and not, as many in the wine press would have you believe, from Australia, Chile, and Argentina. Unlike most of the value wines from the latter group, the wines of this region tend to balance ripe fruit (in this case, plums) with clear tannins and an acidic backbone, making them much better accompaniments to food. I suspect we'll be drinking a lot of this wine for the next few months.


DCTweet said...

I love this bottle-and I love that you posted a picture of it empty. Great description. Happy Drinking!

Larry Hama said...

Heretiques has been my fave for years now. I first ran across it at a wine-tasting in a store in Tribeca. It tasted exactly like the "vin ordinaire" that was readily availiable in Parisian grocery stores in the early 'seventies. It brings back great memories every time I open a bottle!