Thursday, November 08, 2007

Argyle Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2006

This wine has been one of the few reasonably priced American pinot noirs that I have consistently enjoyed. The current vintage, however, was something of a disappointment. In preparation for Thanksgiving, I cooked a bone-in turkey breast with mushroom gravy. It was really tasty. We should eat turkey more often. The wine actually went well with the dish but not in the way that I anticipated. Normally, the entry-level Argyle pinot, which sells for about $18, is reminiscent of many lovely, well-structured wines from the Cotes du Beaune in southern Burgundy that sell for $25 or more. This vintage, however, more closely resembles a Beaujolais cru wine - perhaps a Julienas - with fruity, sweet cherry notes. Beaujolais crus are great with turkey, but many of them are available for less than the price of the Argyle, making it a less attractive alternative. But if you insist on drinking American wine on this quintessentially American holiday, pick up the Argyle. N.B. Start your Turkey-Day dinner with a bottle of the same winery's sparkling brut.

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